The most personalized, portable swimming aid, designed to help you set, improve and reach your swimming goals.

It is also the most accurate and easy-to-use swim tracker, designed to improve your trainings and make it as effective as possible. As it counts more than just your heartbeat, speed, but also your lap times and swimming efficiency index (SWOLF) in real-time, even professionals can benefit hugely from using Swimmerix.

Seamless wireless communication between the stylish waterproof wristband and portable base station tracks your performance with the highest accuracy. Real-time feedback is pushed to your wristband in the form of clear, color-coded instructions. And the mobile app provides real-time and historical insight into your progress to you and your trainer. Swimmerix's new technology makes your swimming training sessions so much more effective. It is designed specifically for swimmers, which makes it the right tool for the job.


1. Base station

Waterproof base station, made from plexiglas and high grade plastic with a fragments of metal finish.

2. Wristband

Waterproof, comfortable, plastic-and-silicone wristband with easy-to-read multicolour build in signal lights.

3. Charger

Universal USB charge for both base station and wristband.

4. Wall mount with suction cup

A vacuum suction cup securely fix to the pool wall; the base station is mounted/attached to the cup using a magnet.

Extreme accuracy through technology

Unlike other swimming aids and general fitness trackers, the Swimmerix system uses a lightweight unobtrusive wristband and a dedicated waterproof base station. The portable base station can be mounted on basically any pool wall and connects to the wristband using wireless low-frequency (433MHz) communication. At the same time the base station uploads data to the cloud instantaneously, and from there to apps on your and your trainer's smartphone in real time. This information is great for post-training analysis and fitness tracking. Since the base station is stationary, Swimmmerix is far more accurate at speed measurering than any other swimming aid.

Combining the swimmer's heart rate and strokes with her speed and lap times, the base station sends out useful feedback to the wristband. The display on the wristband provides clear color-coded instructions to the swimmer.

Style and comfort

Devices range

From the state-of-the-art technology and elegant wristband to the intuitive smartphone apps and comprehensive training data, Swimmerix is designed with the swimmer in mind. The lightweight wristband comes in several stylish colours. And together with different training programs, Swimmerix truly is the most personalized swimming aid.


Smartphone apps

The Swimmerix smartphone apps allow you or your trainer to access your training data and track your progress.

You can also share training results with your friends. All data is stored safely in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.

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Analytic Tools

Analytic tool for professionals

Professional swimmers and their coaches can work out a training program, completely tailored to the athlete's needs. The coach even has access to real-time training information through the Swimmerix mobile app.

Swimmerix Training programs

Initial configuration for training programs

Every swimmer is unique and each requires an individual training program. That's why Swimmerix asks for some personal information, like age, height, weight, and current physical condition, to adapt the training programs to your wishes and needs. Based on this information, Swimmerix then will calculate your approximate Maximum Heart Rate. Optional information provided makes your training program even more personally adapted, by calculating your Maximum Lap Time, for instance. All the information you provide is used to make your training program as suitable for you as possible.


If you want to increase your muscle size, strength and power, then this is the program for you. Our muscles contain fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibers. Fast-twitch fibers are responsible for fast, powerful, yet short efforts. This program will specifically train these muscle fibers.

Pulse: The heart should be kept in the anaerobic zone (80-90% of maximum heart rate). At this rate, our body uses phosphate compounds and glycogen accumulated in the muscle, instead of oxygen, to generate energy.
Pace: High
Duration: About 30 minutes
Strokes: Power kicks for maximum speed
Laps: No big distances here: 100-200 meters in short sprints. Total lap count should be about 15-20.


This program helps you lose weight, burn calories and keep your body in shape. Our body can generate energy from different sources. It usualy uses fat, but it can also use proteins and carbohydrates. The problem with fat as an energy source, is that it energy generation takes longer than from other sources. When your body needs energy quick, it burns carbohydrates. This program aims to burn fat, not only carbohydrates.

Pulse: The special heart rate zone between 60-70% of maximum heart rate. Here the body takes 85% of its energy from fat, 10% from carbohydrates and 5% from proteins. This is the most efficient heart rate zone for burning fat.
Duration: 40 minutes
Strokes: Slow and effective swimming, at 18-29 strokes per 25 meter. It is important not to make the body think it needs energy right now, but uses up all the fat first.
Tempo: Long or medium
Laps: 25

Health (Light)

Train your heart, spine and lungs in this light training program and bring down your cholesterol level and blood pressure. The aim of the program is maintain your body's health and feeling well. For more experienced sporters, it can function as a warming-up or cooling-down routine.

Pulse: Keep your heart rate between 50-60% of maximum heart rate.
Pace: Medium
Duration: 30 min
Strokes: 20-30 per 25 meters
Tempo: Long or medium
Laps: 20 laps of 25 meters

Health (Tough)

If you seriously want to improve your health, by strengthening the heart muscle, increasing cardiac efficiency, decreasing the heart rate at rest, strengthening the muscles repsonsible for breathing, improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and increasing the number of red blood cells, this is the program for you.

Pulse: Between 65-75% of maximum heart rate.
Pace: Medium
Duration: 30 min
Strokes: 20-30 per 25 meters
Tempo: Long or medium
Laps: 20 laps (25 meters)


This program improves your stamina, so you can swim longer, farther and have a better fitness in daily life. Not only improves it your swimming workouts, it will also make you able to recover from activities faster, both workouts as daily activities.

Pulse: Between 65-75% of maximum heart rate.
Pace: Medium
Duration: 40-50 minutes
Strokes: A controlled number of strokes at 15-25 strokes per 25 meters.
Tempo: Long or medium
Laps: 35 laps of 25 meters


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