Can Cats Swim in Pools?

While most cats avoid water, there are some that love to swim. Cats are natural swimmers and they can safely swim in pools. However, it is important to make sure that the pool is clean and free of any chemicals before letting your cat swim.

A pool filter removes any debris or dirt that may be floating in the pool water. This includes hair, which can cause a cat to become very ill. However, if the pool filter is removed, then the water will be dirty and unsafe for the cat. If you don’t want your cat to suffer from swimming pool problems, then make sure that you have a pool filter installed.

In this post, we describe can cats swim in a pool.

It’s How They Were Raised

It turns out that it depends on how they were raised. Cats who were raised around water are more likely to be comfortable swimming in pools than those who were not.

However, all cats are able to learn to swim if they are taught. Swimming can be a great exercise for cats and can help them stay cool in the summer heat.

The cats were hunting for their food. Those that hunted their prey on the dry land did not have to learn to swim. They might have only experienced water during a rainstorm that left them cold and wet. The desire to go for a dip would never have developed for those cats. You may read also the guide on What is a Variable-Speed Pool Pump

The Anatomy Of A Swimming Cat Breed

You may wonder how swimming cat breeds differ from normal ones. It turns out that cats with webbed paws have a better sense of balance when they are swimming. Their bodies are more flexible, and they have a stronger sense of proprioception. These qualities make it easier for them to balance themselves while swimming.

The cats that love water are built in a way that makes them happy. The fishing cat has a build that is strong. It does not seem like it would be very streamlined in the water. The webbed feet help it move more quickly in the water.

They act like snowshoes in the mud of the wetlands, preventing the cat from sinking while it hunts. There are two layers of fur that protect the fishing cat from the elements. The short, dense underlayer keeps the water out, and the longer outer layer gives the cat its markings and camouflage.

What Other Breeds Of Cat Love Water?

Many other breeds of cats love water. They all have different types of build and different personalities. Some cats just love to play in the water, while others love to fish. Here is a list of cat breeds that love water:

Fishing Cat

They can swim for hours and will stay underwater for much longer than most other cat breeds. They hunt by chasing fish. Their long hind legs make them more efficient. They love to hunt in water and they hunt for their meals.

Siberian Cat

They are graceful hunters and excellent swimmers.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is very agile and loves to swim. The Siamese cat has a high metabolism, so it can swim and run quite well.

What If Your Cat Hates Water?

Cats don’t like to swim in water so it can be a safety hazard. Most outdoor cats will avoid swimming pools, ponds, and lakes, but they can be shocked if they fall into a body of water accidentally.

Their ability to swim can be affected by the unexpected. Make sure to rinse your cat off after he takes a dip in the swimming pool if he ends up in it. Your pet can be at risk from the chemicals in pools and other bodies of water.

If your cat does love to play in the water, be sure to rinse him off thoroughly after he plays in a pool or pond. He could be at risk if he gets into something unsafe. You should also keep an eye on your cat’s health when he is swimming in water.

Make sure that the water he is swimming in is clean. Clean water can kill bacteria. If your cat becomes ill, you can take him to the vet for medical treatment. You can also make sure that he is eating well if he is feeling weak. You may read also the guide on Can You Put an Inground Pool in a Small Backyard

Can You Teach Your Cat To Swim?

It’s a good idea to learn how to swim if you want to teach your cat to do so. The most important thing you should do is to teach your cat to get out of the water when he gets wet.

Make sure that he doesn’t try to jump out of the water if he is wet. Doing this will cause him harm. You should also make sure that you dry him off when he gets wet.


In conclusion, Although most cats avoid water, some breeds are fond of it. Swimming is a great exercise for cats and can help them stay fit and healthy. Although cats are able to swim, it is not recommended that they swim in pools. Pools contain chemicals that can be harmful to cats, and chlorine can cause skin and eye irritation. You may check also Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Pebble Tec


Is swimming pools safe for cats?

While a short dip probably won’t hurt your cat, exposure to common pool chemicals like chlorine can cause irritation to your cat’s skin. If your cat gets thirsty and tries to take a sip from the pool, it can hurt its internal organs.

What are the risks of pet exposure to pool water?

Minor GI irritation may be caused by drinking chlorinated water, but it should not cause serious issues for pets. Pets that like to gulp water should not be allowed on a paddle board. Most of the symptoms related to chlorine are not very serious.

Do cats like to swim in water?

The Maine coon, Bengal, and Abyssinian are some of the breeds that love the water and occasionally enjoy a few laps around the pool.

If my cat falls into the pool what should I do?

Clean, warm water is what you should rinse him off with. If you can, dry him as best as you can. If you observe him for signs of shock or hypoxemia, keep him warm. Bring your cat to the doctor if there seems to be a problem if you call the vet.