Can I Put Iron Out in My Pool

Indeed, owning a swimming pool is a prestige & luxury, but sometimes you also encounter issues like iron staining & discoloration, which can be quite frustrating. Not only is it very unsightly, but it also makes the pool uninviting. 

In such cases, you often wonder if a product like iron out is a suitable solution for your pool. Therefore, in this article, I will answer a very interesting question: can I put iron out in my pool? Here you will explore the topic of using iron out in the pool, along with valuable inside that can help you make an informed decision.

Can I Put Iron Out in My Pool?

Can I Put Iron Out in My Pool?

Yes, you can use iron out in your pool to eliminate the presence of iron in the water. However, follow guidelines and take because to ensure its safe & successful application. Also, ensure to test the water for level before applying iron out. You must consider treatment if the iron level is between 0.3-0.6 pr or above.

Iron Out is a widely used product specially designed for removing iron stains and deposits from various surfaces, including pools. Generally, it contains powerful chemicals known to target and break down iron particles making it easier to remove. 

The most active ingredient in iron out tends to be sodium hydrosulfite which acts as a reducing agent converting iron oxide (the compound is responsible for staining into a soluble form). 

This kind of chemical reaction facilitates the removal of iron deposits while restoring your pools’ visual & aesthetic appeal. According to a study conducted by a Swim Chem, iron contamination is a very common problem in pools affecting approximately 10% of pool owners. 

Not only this, iron stains can be particularly stubborn as well as challenging to remove. Therefore, you might have to use a specialized treatment method. Iron is known to enter pool water through sources like well water or metal equipment, so pay attention to its maintenance. 

Also, make sure you are maintaining & balancing chemical water chemical parameters to prevent iron staining and unsightly discoloration like Yellow Staining in Pools, disrupting the overall aesthetics of your pool area. Returning to the application of iron out, you must determine the iron concentration in cool water before using it. Below, I mention how you can use iron out in your pool.

How To Use Iron Out in Your Pool?

How To Use Iron Out in Your Pool?

First of all, it is required that you test the pool water for iron level to determine the actual dosage required. Many pool water testing kits are available in the pool supplies Store, or you can also seek professional assistance to obtain accurate readings. Below, I am giving you a table on the pool’s recommended iron level ranges.

Iron Level (ppm)Recommended Action
Below 0.3Safe for most pools, no treatment required
0.3-0.6Monitor closely, consider treatment
Above 0.6Requires treatment

Proper Application 

Before you iron it out, it is also important that you carefully read & follow the guidelines to achieve the desired result without any adverse effects. Therefore, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation because iron outcomes with specific instructions regarding dosage and applications. 

Using iron over the recommended amount will protect your pool surface and equipment. I recommend you consult a professional to determine the ideal dosage required for your pool type & conditions. 

Also, to prevent future iron staining, use a metal sequestrant or chelating agent in conjunction with iron out. These products are very helpful in binding & deactivating any trace amounts of metal in the water, minimizing their ability to cause staining. Also, it is best to consider with the pool professional to determine the most suitable sequestrant that might be best for your pool type & condition. 

What To Consider?

Apart from that, you need to consider the proper filtration & maintenance. Once you have applied iron out, make sure that you encourage proper filtration & maintenance to remove any debris due to iron particles. Therefore, pay attention to regularly cleaning your pool and monitoring the water chemistry to maintain a balanced & healthy pool environment. 

When To Avoid?

Also, know there will be some situations where you must avoid using iron. Iron out is not suitable for all types of pools. You must avoid ironing out if you have a vinyl or fiberglass pool. Iron out can cause damage to the surfaces of a vinyl and fiberglass pool. In this case, you must consider alternative methods, which I’ve discussed below in the article.

 Alternative Methods for Dealing with Iron in Pools

Even though iron out is known to be a very effective solution for iron stain removal, a few alternatives are worth considering, especially if you have vinyl or fiberglass pools or prefer nonchemical approaches. 

Any pool prone to surface damage must consider an alternative of ironing out. Rather than using iron out, you can consider adjusting the pH level of your pool water. Alternatively, consider introducing oxidizing agents like chlorine, which will further promote the precipitation of iron while facilitating its removal through regular filtration & backwashing. However, you should note that this kind of method is only effective for mild cases of iron staining, especially when it is under 0.6 PPM. 

Also, as I told you earlier, you can consider using metals sequestrant. Metals sequestrants are very helpful in preventing & controlling iron staining by effectively binding and rendering iron particles inactive. 

These kinds of products work by forming complexes with metal preventing them from reacting and causing discoloration. Hence it would help if you considered applying metal sequestrant regularly to reduce the risk of iron stains significantly. 

Also, it is worth noting that the effectiveness of these alternative methods will vary on the severity of iron contamination and individual pool conditions. This is why I advise you to consider consulting with a professional to determine the most suitable approach for your specific situation & pool condition.


Iron out is suitable for a pool as long as it is used properly with precautions. If you are dealing with iron stains or discoloration in your pool, make sure first to consult the professional as well as read the water test the water perimeter to determine the severity of the issue before applying iron out. 

Follow all the guidelines recommended in the article and consider alternative methods for specific pool types or conditions. You will be able to effectively remove iron deposits and restore your pool’s visual appeal. 

Also, ensure that you maintain the proper pool chemistry and regular maintenance and seek professional advice whenever necessary to enjoy a clean & sparkling pool all season. After reading this article, I hope you are armed with the knowledge & understanding of iron in pools and the use of iron out to confidently tackle iron staining issues and keep your cool in pristine condition. 

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