How Long After Shock Can You Swim?

It’s not always easy to shock a swimming pool. Regardless of how experienced the pool owner is, shocking a swimming pool can be quite frightening. That’s why whenever you’re working with a large number of chemicals, the slightest mistake could be disastrous.

It’s for these potentially dangerous situations that many ask “how long to wait after shocking the pool before swimming?”

To determine how long after shocking a swimming pool before swimming, you need to know why pool shocking is so risky and the number of chemicals involved.

What is Pool Shock?

Pool shock, shocking your pool, or super chlorinating is a routine cleaning method that helps to keep your pool water clean and safe to swim in. You can add three to five times the normal amount of chlorine to keep your pool clean.

To restore the balance of your pool, use an extreme cleaning process that destroys contaminants like chloramine, bacteria, and algae.

How Long After Shocking a Pool Before Swimming?

Chlorine shock is a bit different from regular chlorine shock because it requires a bit more chlorine than usual. Therefore, it will take a little longer for your pool to adapt. As a result, how long after adding chlorine to a swimming pool before you can swim is going to be longer. There are usually several factors you should consider before deciding how long you must wait.

Factors include:

  • How bad or dirty your pool is
  • Are there algal blooms
  • Is it close to becoming a swamp
  • How back does it smell

If a swimming pool has algae blooms, it can take weeks of shocking to get rid of them. The longer the time between when you shock yourself and when you go into the water, the more chlorine you’ll need to get rid of.

Unfortunately, how much chlorine to shock a swimming pool is different for everyone’s situation so there is no definite answer to how long to wait after the shocking pool.

You’re technically able to swim once your chlorine levels are holding up, and you can clearly see where the bottom of the pool is.

A very good rule of thumb for any product is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the back of that product. On the back of every chemical, manufacturers usually provide precautions, instructions for proper disposal and storage, and how to use the chemical.

How Often Should You Shock Your Pool?

How often you should shock your swimming pool depends on the same factors above, including the size of your pool and the type of salt used. If you’ve been swimming for at least two months without any issues, then you should be fine.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when adding chemicals to your swimming pool.

Adding Calcium Chloride to Water

Swimmers should wait for a complete cycle of the filter or wait for at least two to four hours before swimming in the pool after the pool has been chlorinated.

Adding Clarifier, pH, and Alkalinity

After adding pH, alkalinity, and clarifiers to balance the chemicals in your pool water, you must wait at least 20 minutes before testing.

Adding Muriatic Acid

After adding muriatic acid into your swimming pool, you should wait at least 30 minutes before entering the water. Otherwise, it may cause irritation or burns to your skin.

Adding Muriatic Acid

After adding muriatic acid into your pool, wait for 30 minutes before swimming in it. Otherwise, it may cause irritation or burns to your skin.

Adding Floc

You shouldn’t swim in the pool after using flocculant to keep its effectiveness. Allow it to settle down at its pool bottom to vacuum it up as waste.

Adding Liquid Chlorine

It’s best not to swim in the pool if you add flocculant to keep it effective. Allow it to settle down at your pool bottom to vacuum it up as waste.

Adding Algaecide

You should be safe to wait at least 15 minutes after adding algaecide to the pool before swimming.


To shock a pool is a critical part of pool maintenance. You should always shock your pool after swimming, but you should also know how long after shocking your pool can you swim. To ensure that the chemicals in swimming pools are safe for swimmers, they must be tested.


Can I swim 12 hours after the shocking pool?

Pool shockers are used to kill bacteria and other organisms in swimming pools. You must always test the chlorine levels before swimming.

How long should you wait to swim when adding other chemicals?

Pool chemicals should be added gradually over time. Wait at least 15-30 min before swimming. Add calcium chloride slowly to increase hardness levels. You may read also How Much Bleach to Shock a Pool?

How long after adding bleach to the pool can you swim?

Bleach is very weak chlorine. You should use it to clean your pool or spa. Don’t worry about leaving it for more than 4 hours because it won’t harm you.

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Fiberglass pools are made out of plastic. You need to be careful when you swim in them because they can break apart and float away.

Does too much chlorine make the pool cloudy?

Chlorine is great for cleaning up pools. Too much chlorine can cause the water to be cloudy.