Pebble Tec Problems

If you have a spacious yard & are looking to own a pool or are considering having pebble tec as a pool finish, this is the article for you. We all know that pebble tec will offer a visually appealing & unique surface that will enhance the beauty & longevity of your Pool. But, Like any construction material, the pebble tec is not immune to potential problems. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss a few pebble tec problems and its solution to address them. 

Since many pool owners choose pebble tec for its longevity & ability to withstand harsh pool conditions, we must understand the basic & potential issues you are likely to face in the long run. Many have complained about pebble tec coming off, color fading, or discoloration, which isn’t new. If this is the case for you, pay attention to this article & read it thoroughly.

Pebble Tec Problems

Pebble Tec Problems

Pebble tec will undoubtedly provide a textured & natural-looking surface that will be both durable and aesthetic. However, many pool owners have frequently complained about some problems that they encounter with pebble tec over time. Below I’m mentioning five pebble tec problems you may face in the long run with solutions to them. 

Pebble Tec Coming Off

One of the primary concerns among pool owners tends to be pebble tec delamination, which refers to separating the pebbles from the underlying surface. If you are also worried about this issue, you must ensure thorough surface preparation before applying pebbles. 

After doing hours & hours of research, I learned that proper surface preparation and inadequate adhesive application tend to be the most common cause of the lamination between pebble tec. 

In addition, if there is any imbalance in the water chemistry, like high calcium, hardness, and pH levels, this problem will continue. If you want to prevent this kind of issue, make sure you ask to prepare the surface properly before applying pebble tec. 

Also, I will advise you to perform proper cleaning, repairing any crack or defect while priming the surface. Also, ensure you use high-quality adhesive specifically designed for pebble tec installation. Below is the proper table on recommended maintenance practices to prevent delamination.


Maintenance PracticeFrequency
Regular surface cleaningWeekly
Monitoring & adjusting water chemistryWeekly
Professional inspection & maintenanceBi-annually

Stains & Pebble Tec Discoloration

Stains & Pebble Tec Discoloration

Another common issue that I got to know after reading some community posts and forums is the issue of stains and discoloration in pebble tec. Different types of stains, like organic metal minerals and chemical stains, can occur on the surface. 

You should know that organic stains caused by leaves, algae, or other organic matter can easily be prevented by paying attention to regular cleaning & maintenance. Also, I recommend you implement & an effective filtration system and maintain proper chlorine levels to prevent algae growth. 

Metal stains which are often caused by iron or copper, can be a particular challenge to remove. If there is any presence of these metals in your pool water, it can be from various sources. 

It can come from pool water equipment as well as a chemical imbalance. Therefore, you should take precaution & preventive measures like using metal sequestrant and regularly testing water for metal content to avoid such stains. 

Proper water parameters, including maintaining an appropriate calcium hardness level, can help prevent the buildup of mineral stains such as calcium or scale deposits caused by imbalances in water chemistry.

Lastly, you might encounter chemical stains caused by imbalanced or excessive chemical treatment, which must be avoided by following the recommended chemical dosage and conducting regular water testing.

5 stain removal methods

Below I’m mentioning five stain removal methods that I find helpful in removing stains from the Pool.

  • Using a pool stain remover specially designed for pebble tec surfaces is best. 
  • It would help if you considered employing ascorbic acid or Vitamin C treatment to remove metal stains. 
  • You can use specialized cleaning agents in the local Pool if you have mineral or scale deposits. 
  • If you find stain buildup, make sure to perform regular brushing & scrubbing to prevent it from recurring. If the stain persists despite diligent maintenance efforts, you must consult a professional or seek poor expert help.

Rough Surface & Abrasion

It’s not uncommon to notice a rough texture on the pebble tec surface, which may further lead to discomfort and potential address. Roughness usually happens due to improper aggregate mixing during installation. 

It can also happen due to excessive troweling or inadequate curing. For example, if you’ve plaster pool, it is must to allow few hours or more after plastering your pool for adequate curing. To know more, read: How Soon Can You Swim After Plastering Your Pool & How Long After Gunite Can You Plaster. Coming back to the topic, If you want to address rough pebble tec surface, you can consider many options. Firstly, consider the surfacing of the Pool using a smoother finish. For smoother finish

Also, you should know that professional repairs like grinding & polishing help restore a smooth texture on the pebble tec surface. Alternatively, consider consulting experts in the Pool facing to determine the most suitable approach for your situation. Below, I am mentioning the comparison between resurfacing methods.

Resurfacing MethodDurabilityCostTime Required
Smooth FinishHighMediumModerate
Grinding & PolishingHighHighHigh
Pebble Tec OverlayHighHighHigh

Cracking & Structural Issues

Another common concern is that you might be worried about his cracking or structural issues. You should note that cracking is also a common problem with any pool finishes, including pebble tec. 

Therefore, consider factors like ground movement, temperature fluctuation, and structural effects that might contribute to the development of cracks. If there is any crack around your pool area, identify the type & severity of the crack along with its source. 

If hairline cracks are typically superficial & non-structural, they can easily be prepared using patching materials. 

However, in the case of structural cracks, you will have to take more extensive measures like crack injection by a professional. Below I am mentioning some steps that can help you address & prevent pool cracking.

  • First, you must pay attention to monitoring & addressing any underlying structural issue before pool construction. 
  • When the Pool is installed, make sure to provide proper compaction & support. 
  • To accommodate ground movement, you can consider using expansion joints. 
  • You should pay attention to regular inspection of the Pool for early crack detection & timely repairs. 
  • It would help if you never hesitated for a professional pool consultation to find proper crack repair methods.

Water Quality & Maintenance Challenges

If you are looking for the longevity of your pebble tec, you must also pay attention to maintaining good water quality. Failure to address water chemistry imbalances further leads to many problems, including scaling, staining, and surface deterioration. 

Therefore, I advise you to perform regular water chemistry testing to ensure optimal conditions, which include monitoring pH level, chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, & sanitizer level. 

Also, make sure that you are maintaining adequate water balance & regularly adjusting the chemical level according to the manufacturer’s recommendation or as required. Also, implementing proper cleaning routines like skimming the surface vacuum & brushing helps in preventive debris buildup & algae growth, longing the life of your pebble tec surface.

Maintenance TaskFrequency
Skimming the poolDaily
Vacuuming the poolWeekly
Brushing the pool surfaceWeekly
Testing water chemistryWeekly
Adjusting chemical levelsAs needed


I hope now you have all the ideas around the common pebble tec problems you will likely encounter in the future as well as the protective measures & following recommended maintenance practices you should follow. 

If you are proactive with the guidelines & measures mentioned in this article, you will be effectively minimizing & addressing these kinds of issues. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the regular cleaning & maintenance of the Pool and its pebble tec surface. Manage the proper water chemistry & look out for repair if required to maintain the durability & reliability of your pebble tec. 

It’s always right to consult with a pool professional when required to ensure the longevity & enjoyment of your Pool for years to come. I have given my best to give you all information about pebble tec problems. 

If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share is going to help many people learn about the potential cause of the pebble tec problem along with its immediate solution that they can employ to address such issues. Do check my other helpful guide on pool care & maintenance. See you in the next post, till then, take care & goodbye.