How To Drain an Above Ground Pool

If you have an above ground pool, you probably know that you need to drain it in order to prevent the pool from becoming a swimming hazard. The best way to drain an above-ground pool is to remove all of the water from the bottom of the pool.

The first thing you need to do is fill the pool with water. Then, you need to make sure that the filter is working properly. You also need to make sure that there are no leaks in the pipe system. Drain the pool by filling the pool with water from a hose connected to a drain.

In this post, we show you how to drain your above ground pool quickly and easily.

The 3 Effective Methods To Drain An Above Ground Swimming Pool

These 3 methods are the following there:

Drain Valve

This is the best and easiest way to drain your above-ground pool. It is very simple to install and use for draining. All you need to do is open the valve, release all of the pressure and the pool will drain itself. If you have an automatic system, you will have to turn it on and then open the valve.

Another method to drain a pool is using a feeble drain system. In this case, you will have to install a feeble drain in your pool. It is a simple device that has one hole that you must plug at the beginning. After that, you will just have to open the hole when the pool needs to be drained.

If you can attach a garden hose to the valve before opening it, we recommend you only use the drain valve. If you want to prevent damage from occurring, you can put the other end in a proper drain. The method requires you to purchase a garden hose that is long enough to reach a nearby drain. You may read also Best Above Ground Pool Pump and Filter

Sump Pump

  • A sump pump is a device that pumps water out of the foundation of your home. It is used to remove the wastewater from your house. Most sump pumps are powered by electricity. It is important to know that this device has to be maintained properly.
  • For example, you should check the water level regularly. The amount of water in your sump pump is usually determined by the size of your foundation. You will have to use this information to decide whether you want to buy a new sump pump or not.
  • If you want to drain your pool quickly, you should use the drain valve on your sump pump. It’s best to connect the hose to the valve before turning it on. Doing this will prevent a possible mess. Another advantage is that you can easily replace the hose. The hose can be replaced if it is worn out or damaged.


You can also use siphons to drain your pool. It is easy to use because you just have to turn the handle until the water comes out. The advantage of using siphons is that you can use them anywhere.

You don’t have to worry about the power being turned off, as with other types of pumps. You should consider a siphon when you need to drain your pool quickly. Some pools don’t have sump pumps. In that case, you will need to use a siphon.

They are very effective. They are easy to install and maintain. And they are relatively inexpensive. Most siphon pumps work well. They work well even if the water level in your pool is high. When you turn on a siphon pump, the water level will automatically lower until it gets into the bowl. The bowl acts like a big vacuum cleaner. The water then moves through a tube towards the bottom of the pool. You may read also the guide on Winterizing an Above Ground Pool


In conclusion, if you want to drain an above ground pool, it is important to have the right equipment. You need to get a pump and a filter. The pump will help you get rid of the water. The filter will help you get rid of the bacteria that are in the water. To drain a pool, you need to know how to remove the water from the pool.


Where do you drain a pool?

The pool pump’s intake hose should be submerged under the water as close to the center of the swimming pool as possible. You can choose a space on your property for the pump’s outlet hose to drain from.

How long does it take to drain the pool?

Depending on the size of the pool, draining it can take up to 14 hours, so be sure to drain it on a day when you have time. It’s important to be home to check on the pool, hoses, and pump frequently. You may check also What to Put Under an Above Ground Pool

Is it okay to drain the above ground pool?

It’s a good idea for people to let it out in their yard or garden, but be careful not to dump the water on your plants. The above-ground pool should not be drained completely unless absolutely necessary. When you refill it, you will save on your water bill.